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Welcome to F.E.S.T

Foundation Exploring Skeletal Dysplasia Together

Our foundation sets out to 
promote the welfare of persons affected by skeletal dysplasia commonly known as restricted growth.

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About Our Foundation

Our policy team works to inform and influence policies that affect people who have skeletal dysplasia.
Our contact with individuals, families, and carers informs our research as we influence debate working alongside other charities, government bodies, and politicians.

Empowering our community to advocate for better outcomes for people of all ages with skeletal dysplasia.

How We Help

By sharing research, innovation, and collaborations, as well as clinical patient support experience, together, we work towards a more informed approach to medical treatment from infancy to later life.

Advocating for Patients

We support research that can improve quality of life and reduce health complications and pain. We support informed decision making for people with skeletal dysplasias and their families. We aim to produce a wide range of resources that cover all aspects of living successfully with skeletal dysplasia.

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Better Outcomes for People with Skeletal Dysplasias

One of our goals is to work to establish better guidelines for treating Skeletal Dysplasias throughout a person's life. We lose too many adults with Skeletal Dysplasia too young. We advocate for more research and advocacy for UK wide specialist treatment.

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Part of the Skeletal Dysplasias Alliance (SD Alliance) 

We are part of a group of seven representative organisations of people with achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasias from 7 different countries across Europe. 

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